Accelerate Hypersonic Technology

Stratolaunch accelerates access to the hypersonic environment so our customers can achieve and our nation can advance.

Why Test in the Sky?

Stratolaunch’s aerial approach to hypersonic testing complements ground testing and provides frequent access to the real flight environment.

Routine Flight Access

Reusable, air-launched testbeds enable rapid and iterative testing in the hypersonic environment.

Longer Time on Condition

Realistic trajectories and dynamic flight profiles at high speeds, temperatures, and pressure.

High-Quality Data

Critical flight data to accelerate new concept designs, mature technology, and spiral development.

"We know hypersonic systems work. Now it’s just a matter of being able to design, test, and deploy these systems in a timely and efficient manner."

Dr. Mark Lewis

Former Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (Modernization) in the DoD

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Making flight testing more frequent and affordable