First Captive Carry of Talon

Air Launch Platforms

Air Launch

The air launch concept has a long legacy as an efficient approach to launching payloads to space and within the Earth’s atmosphere at reduced cost with more flexibility and speed than current vertical launch options. Roc and the Spirit of Mojave stand on the shoulders of giants like the B-29, B-50, and B-52 that served in critical carrier roles for research programs such as the Bell X-1 and X-15.

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Air-launch is a tried and true method of delivering payloads.

Roc and Spirit of Mojave offer customized options for launching your payload or vehicle.

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Six Boeing 747 engines and a wingspan of 385 feet – longer than an American football field, Roc is the largest of any plane ever assembled with a payload capacity of 550,000 lbs.

Robust Launch Options
Comp 2 Talon A Flight Drop

Spirit of Mojave

The 747 has been a pillar of commercial air travel, providing the fuel range and reliability needed to reach any destination on the planet. The Spirit of Mojave revives and transforms this legacy as a readily deployable launch platform able to test a variety of payloads from any chosen location.

Global Reach
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