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Soar with the Spirit of Mojave

Meet the Spirit of Mojave

A tribute to the Mojave aerospace community that has passionately devoted themselves to building and testing the world’s most unique aircraft. The Spirit of Mojave was named by the employees of Stratolaunch, and is dually an homage to the plane that enabled the first historic long-endurance flight that Charles Lindberg made from New York to Paris in 1927: the Spirit of St. Louis.

Global Opportunity

Worldwide Testing

The 747 has been a pillar of commercial air travel, providing the fuel range and reliability needed to reach any destination on the planet. The Spirit of Mojave revives and transforms this legacy as a readily deployable launch platform able to test a variety of payloads from any desired location.

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Compact Operations

The conventional nature of 747 operations requires minimal ground support, making it easy to accommodate launches in any location to match desired pace and schedule. The platform also hosts a mobile control center for real-time mission operations.

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Complex Testing Capability

Supplemented by Roc’s immense payload options, the Spirit of Mojave also offers more complex test options. Utilizing comprehensive multi-launch scenarios offers the advantage of operational realism to achieve high fidelity data results.

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The Spirit of Mojave has a robust structure flexible to a variety of payload sizes and pre-existing launch setup that makes payload integration easy.

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Ready to Launch a Payload?