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Ready to Roc

Air-launching from the world’s largest operating aircraft can eliminate technical and logistical barriers.

Think Big

Stretching over a football field long, Roc supports a robust payload capacity of over 500,000 lbs (226,796 kg).

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Flexible Configurations

Multiple high-volume, high-mass payloads deployed at once to accommodate your unique configurations.

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Reliable by Design

Innovative dual-fuselage and a high-wing design allow for safer launches from the aircraft centerline and below the wing.

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A Revolutionary Aircraft



Take-off Weight



Total Wingspan



Boeing 747s

Meet Roc

Roc is the namesake of an enormous legendary bird of prey, said to be large enough to launch full grown elephants. According to ancient Arabian folklore, Roc is known for carrying sailors to safety.

Roc Aircraft on Runway

Ready to Launch a Payload?